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Nativity Musicals:

Looking for fantastic Nativity musicals to perform in school or at church this Christmas? Then you are in the right place!

In 2008, we (Gert and Hans) started publishing Nativity musicals (and farewell musicals) for children aged 10 to 14+ years old to perform in school or at church. Since then, our musicals have become indispensable in The Netherlands and Belgium, and from this year on, our musicals are finally available abroad! Characteristic of our Nativity musicals are the humor, hilarious characters, the beautiful message of the Nativity story, and the unique newly written songs that will give you goosebumps!

In addition, we also offer many extras for all our musicals that make it even more fun and easier to rehearse the material. There is a convenient mobile App, sing-along videos of the songs on our YouTube channel, PowerPoint presentations, sheet music (lead sheets), etc.

In short, a complete package to get started energized on the way to a great Christmas performance.

Curious about our musicals? Scroll right down, choose your Nativity musical and enjoy Christmas 2022 like never before!

Our Nativity musicals

Rumors of a royal child being born cause a stir in the overcrowded inn.

In Bethlehem, shepherds and wise men from the East search for a newborn baby.

Click on the filmstrip and watch the trailers of our Nativity musicals: makes you shine!

Questions about our Nativity musicals?

Any questions about our Nativity musicals? Take a look at our FAQs section in the menu or contact us on the contact page. We’re happy to help you in your search for a great Christmas performance!

In the menu under ‘Our working method,’ you can read more about how to purchase a Nativity musical and the extra materials. We designed a convenient system in which materials can be accessed directly via a digital download. When the order is completed, a link will be sent to the specified email address so the preparations can start immediately!


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We wish you a great Christmas time in the spotlight!