Trailers Nativity musicals

On this page, you’ll find the summary of the trailers of our Nativity musicals, a great point of departure to get an impression of the stories and songs of each musical title.

So, let’s binge-watch the videos! Meanwhile, imagine how your group(s) of children will be shining on stage while performing a musical this Christmas.

Put your feet on the desk and enjoy the trailers!

By the way: All our musicals are available immediately. You only have to pick a title to start today!

Trailers Nativity musicals! You’ll find them below:

Nativity musical 'So Worth It!'

Levi’s inn is almost full. He intends to rent out the last rooms for a lot of money. When Joseph and the pregnant Mary come in, he sends the poor couple to the stable. This bothers his wife Judith and his daughters Noa and Susanna quite a bit.

Nativity musical 'No Room at the Inn!'

Innkeeper Nathan is completely stressed! His inn in Bethlehem is full. Way too full! Since the Roman Emperor ordered everyone to register, the number of visitors has been enormous. All kinds of travelers, Roman soldiers and shepherds have filled up the small inn. Nathan does not know what to do with it.

trailers nativity musicals