The Nativity Musicals App:

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Nativity Musicals App

Together with our Nativity musicals, we created a handy app to study your lines and practice the songs of the musical. Although the app is not necessarily needed, it’s a very useful tool in the preparations for the Christmas performance of the year! On this page, we’ll show you how it works.

Download the Nativity Musicals App

In case you haven’t done already, you can download the Nativity musicals app from the iTunes Store (Apple) or the Google Play Store (Android). The installation and the use of the demo content are totally free, so no fee is charged at the stores. After the installation is completed, you can choose to log in with a license code or use the Demo.


If you want to check out the features of our Nativity musicals app before purchasing the licenses, you can start using the demo. In this demo, you’ll see a fully functional app with the content of Nativity musical ‘So Worth It!’ The only restriction is that not all texts of the roles can be read. Please feel free to try the app and discover the different features. If you want to go back to the openings screen (Login/Demo) go to the menu item ‘More’. Scroll down and hit ‘Exit demo’.


To install the content of your Nativity musical in the app, you’ll have to press the ‘Login’ button. A new screen appears with an input field to fill in your license code. You’ll find the license code in the confirmation email. App licenses for a Nativity musical can only be bought together with a musical package, so pay attention to order the licenses directly with the musical package of choice. If you want to purchase (extra) licenses afterward, please contact us using our contact form.

nativity musicals app license
nativity musicals app roles


On the home screen, you can choose to watch the trailer of the musical, read the information (synopsis) of the musical or you can go to the different roles of the musical. On every screen, you’ll see the menu options at the bottom.


When you press the menu tab ‘Roles’, you’ll get a list of all the roles that are available in the Nativity musical title. The roles are sorted in alphabetical order. After choosing a role, you’ll be directed to the next page where you can choose between the different scenes. You’ll only see the scene’s where the character is on stage. In the Beginner Scenes, the text of the character is highlighted in red, so it’s really easy to see and learn the lines. In the Expert Scenes, the text of the character is omitted and you’ll only see 3 red dots. The surrounding texts of other characters are still visible, so you still can read the interaction with the other characters.

nativity musicals beginners roles
nativity musicals app expert scenes
nativity musicals app songs


When you press the menu tab ‘Songs’, you’ll get a list of all the songs of the Nativity musical title in the order of the musical. After pressing on a title, you’ll be directed to the next screen where a YouTube video is located. This video is a sing along version of the song, so you’ll hear the song and the text will be shown in the video.


When you press the menu tab ‘More’, you’ll get a list of useful links to our social media channels and other helpful websites. It’s also possible to read the colophon and the privacy policy. At the bottom of the list, you’ll see the option ‘Switch Musical Title’. In case you bought more than one title, it is possible to switch between the content of the musicals by pressing this button. It’s also possible to add a new title by pressing this button.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the button ‘Update’. It might happen that we discovered a small mistake in one of the texts of the characters. After recovering this kind of mistakes, we’ll send you a push message to update the app. The update of the content of the app can be done by pressing this button.

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Enjoy our Nativity Musicals App!

That’s all we can tell you about our Nativity musicals app. We encourage you to install the app and experience it for yourself while studying the musical. Have fun!