Order 'So Worth It!'

Musical package ‘So Worth It!’

US$ 149.00

It’s mandatory to order a musical package for each group performing the Nativity musical ‘So Worth It!’. This package contains all the necessary materials and legal (performance) rights for the Nativity musical. If you have more than one group performing the musical, you’ll receive a discount of 15% for each subsequent package. This will be settled automatically in the shopping cart. When the order is completed, you’ll receive the materials immediately in your inbox via the download links.*

Mobile app license ‘So Worth It!’

US$ 1.19

If you’d like to use the convenient mobile app of Nativity musical ‘So Worth It!’ then you should order the number of licenses (installations) needed for your cast. When the order is completed, you’ll receive an activation code. This code remains valid until the number of licenses is reached. After one year, the validity and installation of the app expire.

Editable script ‘So Worth It!’

US$ 29.95

An editable script is a great tool if you’re planning to make adjustments to the script. Within 2 business days, you’ll receive the Word document of the script in your inbox.


* The legal (performance) rights are linked to (the address of) the school or church. Therefore, it’s important for each location to make an order. It’s not allowed to purchase multiple packages and distribute them to other locations.

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