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About us. Scriptwriter Gert and composer/producer Hans are willing to tell you about their passion and drive for making musicals.

Hans van Wingerden, composer/producer

As a professional musician, I am working full-time on making music. Every day, I can passionately immerse myself in various projects as a trumpeter and composer/producer. About 15 years ago, an extra dimension was added when we started to produce (Nativity) musicals.

A reunion of my primary school was organized and of course, memories were exchanged. The Nativity musical also came to speak and it didn’t let go of me after that. I could still vividly remember that it was a very special time. Suddenly, textbooks pulled over and we were allowed to work creatively on a stage. What a party and what an exciting time. Our class also became closer while working on the musical.

This was the trigger for me to get started and that drive was the starting point for my contribution to nativity-musicals.com (and the Dutch musicals) to this day. Children nowadays listen to music a lot and are very critical about it. To connect with their experience, I am working year after year on the musicals with hip contemporary music in varied styles with the best musicians and producing tools available.

For this, I pull out all the stops to make the children shine during their Nativity musical performance. That is and remains my drive. It’s the reason why I enjoy working on the latest musical every day!

Hans van Wingerden is a trumpeter, arranger, composer and producer. He graduated (Master) from the Messian Academy in Zwolle. Part of ArtEZ. More information about Hans can be found on his website.

about us Gert scriptwriter

Gert van den Brink, scriptwriter

Let’s get straight to the point: Unfortunately, I’ve never been allowed to play in a Nativity musical myself. In elementary school, the Nativity musical wasn’t a tradition at that time. But fortunately, years later and after many detours, I ended up as a professional theatre teacher and scriptwriter and I could finally do what was on my heart all those years.

Humor is an important starting point of the (Nativity) musicals I write. Next to the Nativity story, the musicals contain a wide range of jokes and humorous situations so that there is something to laugh at for everyone; for the parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, etc.

A joke irrevocably generates positive reactions from the audience. The interaction that then arises causes you to see the children grow on stage. It’s this positive theater experience that I’d like to give every child so much.

Gert van den Brink is a freelance playwright, songwriter, theatre teacher, actor, and director. He graduated from the ArtEZ Academy of Theatre in Zwolle. More information about Gert can be found on his website.

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